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Short history of the faculty

For a long time the Faculty of Material Technologies and Textile Design has been known as Textile Faculty.
The Faculty was founded in the academic year 1947/48, so its history goes back for more than 60 years. It was chronologically the fourth faculty of the Technical University of Łódź. Changes at the labour market and new, emerging perspectives forced us to modify our educational offer, introduce new branches of study- and as a result- change the name of the Faculty:
1947- Textile Faculty;
2001- Faculty of Textile Engineering and Marketing;
2008- Faculty of Material Technologies and Textile Design.

Educational profile of the Faculty evolved gradually and educational offer was extended, reflecting the changes at the labour market. Gradually more and more attention was paid to subjects concerning biomaterials, nanocomposites, wearable electronics or advanced human-friendly material technologies. We have taken into consideration modern trends in industrial design, new technologies and material innovations.
High quality of education offered by the Faculty in Textile Engineering has been confirmed by 2 accreditation commissions.
- State Accreditation Commission
- Accreditation Commission of Technical Universities.

Currently the Faculty employs 94 academic staff members, including 24 professors and scientists with post doctoral degree.
Till 2008 10463 graduates have been awarded diplomas in M.Sc. and BSc studies, and 52 were granted the title of Bachelor of Arts. The Faculty has also granted 335 PHD titles and 77 postdoctoral degrees.