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Branches of study

Textile Engineering

During the first period of studies students acquire general knowledge in mathematics, physics, chemistry, fiber forming polymers., textile mechanics and engineering, engineering of technical textile products and textile marketing. Then they start realizing a specialised programme which is compatible with modern European tendencies in higher education, and which comprises lectures and laboratory work. The students participate in group projects, working out new technologies for textile companies together with highly qualified academic staff members. Thanks to that, after graduation, they are able to find their own place in the dynamically changing market economy.
Textile Engineering fulfils strict quality criteria, which has been confirmed by the State Accreditation Commission and the Accreditation Commission of Technical Universities.

Pattern Designing

Pattern Designing is a separate branch of creation, integrating elements of arts, science and technology. The studies are of artistic character with some embedded elements of technology. The graduates are prepared to work as textile designers, but they can also seize the opportunity to continue their studies and gather new work experience.
The graduates are supposed to posses basic knowledge of raw materials, textile techniques and technologies, textile modifications, textile producing and finishing, computer aided designing, drawing, painting, sculpting and multimedia.
The graduates are granted the title of Bachelor of Arts with specialization- Textile Architecture. The candidates should be artistically gifted.


Education Of Technology And Information Engineering

The graduates, depending on the specialization chosen, possess knowledge concerning engineering of polymer materials in the form of plastics and composites, machine construction and informatics, hygiene and safety at work. They are prepared to manage information systems in companies and administration and to carry out works aiding engineering designing in industry and industrial research background.


Material Engineering

The graduates possess knowledge concerning material engineering, computer aiding in engineering problems and material designing of products, testing their structure and properties, as well as biomaterials production technologies.


Health And Safety At Work

The graduates from BSc studies in Health and Safety at Work possess the ability to carry out analyses of safety and risk, control obeying the rules and regulations concerning hygiene and safety at work, control working conditions and safety standards, carry out research concerning circumstances of failures and accidents at work, carry out training on industrial safety, fulfil organizational functions in safety management, prepare necessary documentation.